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Our Favourite Loops Tricks

Our Favourite Loops Tricks

79,00€ Regular Price
63,20€Sale Price

The coolest aerial loops tricks with video tutorials that teach you how to handle them. We show you how to start and every single step until you reach the final position. In our video tutorials we tell you what are the secret movements that help you nail the tricks.


- downloadable videos - phone rated sizes

- anytime you can rewatch

- english speaking and english subtitle on all videos

- shows the important parts with slow motion and the way how to get out of the tricks 


This package includes 22 aerial loops tricks on tutorial videos:

4-shaped Splits
Armpit Side-Splits
Armpit Splits
Arrow on the Loops
Crossed Splits
Dolphin Arch
Elbow Split
Hooked Jade
Hooked Split
Hooked Strongsplit
Inverted Side Splits
Neck supported Passé
Parachute Arch
Shoulder Sprawl
Sprawl split
Superwoman on the loops
Thigh Twisted Splits
Triangle split
Twisted Z
Waist- hooked Split
Waist-hooked Jade
Waist-hooked Passé

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